SBC Scandal & FBC Efforts

Last Sunday, The Houston Chronicle published a lengthy report about a horrifying crisis within the Southern Baptist Convention of churches: sexual...

The Stable: A Fable?

My wife collects nativity scenes. She owns all kinds: fragile family heirlooms, exotic ones from other countries, some that are hand-carved,...

Back to School Prayer

School is back in. That means early morning alarm clocks, big yellow buses, #2 pencils, complicated syllabi, Friday night football, report cards,...
“The Word from the Pastor” is a weekly bulletin insert and blog that our pastor writes. Often, the topics include current events, theology, personal reflections, or meditative musings.

Healthy Marriage Report Card

Marriage isn’t easy – even for those who are “doing it right.” As the author of marriage, God intended for our companionship, flourishing, and homes to bring Him glory. But how do we know if our marriage is glorifying to God? How can we know if, as a couple, we are...

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Staycation Reflections

My family and I recently returned from our vacation – or, more precisely, our “staycation.” With six kids, it’s difficult enough going to the grocery store – let alone somewhere like the beach or Disney. But that’s perfectly fine by us. We would have it no other way....

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Moore, Money, More Problems

We Southern Baptists are at it again. Disagreements. Family squabbles. And good old fashioned politics. Imagine that. (And in other news, the sun came up!) So, what’s the issue this time? The authority of Scripture? The divinity of Christ? The Trinity? No – it’s the...

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An Election Week Prayer

Heavenly Father, You have commanded us in 1 Timothy 2, to pray “for kings and all who are in authority,” and so we do just that. We pray for our nation’s election and for our soon-to-be President-elect. Baptize each one with your grace. We confess, O God, Your...

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About Tyler

Tyler holds a DMin and MDiv from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary as well as an MAR from LBTS. Tyler serves as the teaching pastor at FBC,

Published Works

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