I keep a list of potential article ideas for my “Word from the Pastor”.

I recently realized that this list of mine has gotten way too long. Also, I’ve noticed that many of these topics are not yet fully developed enough in my brain to write an entire article about them. Nevertheless, I still feel that they are worthwhile ideas to share.

So, in the spirit of Jeopardy’s “Potpourri” category, I thought I would compile a hodge-podge post this week of all my potentially good post ideas (which includes quotes, facts, recommendations, etc.) that have yet to make it into print.

Reading this post will be like…

…watching just the deleted scenes of a movie. By themselves, the little bits and pieces are interesting but if you try to put them together it will make no sense. Oh well.

Maybe there’s something in here you will find sanctifying.

1. Book Recommendation for Those Raising Boys
Right now my wife and I are reading the book Future Men by Douglas Wilson.

If you, like us, are raising boys (even if they are just toddlers now) you need to read this book. It will prepare you to think ahead and see their God-given potential as future men.

2. FREE Christian Audio Books
If you click on over to www.christianaudio.com, they give away one free Christian audio book to each visitor.

The book is different each month and is always FREE to everyone that downloads it! Furthermore, they give away good quality books like: Knowing God by John Piper and The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer (to name a few that I’ve downloaded.)

If you like to listen to audio books, add this to you monthly to-do list. You can’t beat their books or their price!

3. Insightful C.S. Lewis Quote
“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.” – C.S. Lewis // Amen!!

4. Coming To A Theatre Near You (Eventually)
Did you see the movie Facing the Giants? Or how about Fireproof? Well, those high-quality Christian films were written, edited, and produced by a Southern Baptist Church from Georgia, Sherwood Baptist Church.

Well, right now the good folks at Sherwood are filming their fourth major motion picture entitled Courageous, about the importance of fatherhood. It is slated to debut in 2011. Mark you calendars!

5. My Heart Breaks for…
The 3,500 precious boys and girls that will be aborted today as well as the 7,000 mothers and fathers of those aborted children.

May God and His people defend the helpless and be compassionate towards those who feel they have no other choice.

7. I’ll Never Forget…
I had the privilege of hearing Dr. W.A. Criswell, one of the finest 20th century SBC preachers, preach not long before he died. Dr. Criswell pastored the First Baptist Church, Dallas – the first modern mega-church; boasting a membership of 25,000.

Dr. Criswell had a photographic memory and, even in his late 80’s, still preached with the vigor and sharpness of earlier years.

After hearing his sermon when I was just 16, I went to the church’s bookstore where my parents bought me my first study Bible, The Criswell Study Bible. I devoured it. I love that Bible, that man, and that memory.

8. My Upcoming Reading List
Once I finished my school work (the end is in sight), I’m looking forward to reading books of my own free-will choice. 😉 Here’s what I have slated to read first:

Radical by David Platt

Basic Christianity by John Stott

Each For the Other by Bryan Chapell.

Feeding Your Appetites by Steve Arterburn.

Have you read any of these? If so, what did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

9. On the Anti-Facebook/Twitter Movement
I’ve recently heard some people complain that social networking outlets like Facebook and Twitter are too narcissistic and that Christians should stop using them.

Facebook and Twitter are not narcissistic. People are narcissistic. Web pages like this do not create sin. The human heart does. Facebook and Twitter merely provide sinful people with an outlet to publicize their sin. People used to keep their deep dark secrets in diaries. Now we simply make them our status updates. Conclusion?

You’re welcome to throw-off Twitter and Facebook if you like. Just realize it won’t stop you from being a self-seeking narcissist. Protesting the internet is not the answer. Embracing Jesus is.

10. Did You Know…
That in a Hebrew Old Testament the 39 books are in a different order? Yep. It’s all the exact same books just rearranged and regrouped. It’s kind of confusing. Of course, that’s not as confusing as trying to read Hebrew itself.

11. Bible Translation Facts & Figures
Since the 7th century, there have been about 450 different English translations of the Bible. For example, we have the KJV, NKJV, NIV, NASB, ESV, plus 445 more. Think about that. 450 slight variations of the same language of the Bible.

At the same time, however, there are still 2,000 languages today that have 0 translations of the Bible!! They don’t have a testament, book, chapter, or even a single verse of God’s Word in their language.

May God raise up Bible translators like never before!

12. Good Perspective on Death
John Piper has said, “Death is like my car. It takes me where I really want to go.”

Well, there it is in all of its random glory! I appreciate your patience in letting me do a little bit of writer’s “spring cleaning.”

Now, time to start a new list!