Another semester is here. Young men and women from across the globe have descended on the Burg for another nine months. Most of us locals love what you students do to our economy while resenting what you do to our traffic (especially on Wards Road!)

I, for one, remember being that college student. I was hundreds of miles from home. High school was over. Mom and dad weren’t near. Old friends were gone. At times, I felt 80% excited, 10% lonely, 10% scared, and 100% unsure of myself. But I survived. And by God’s grace, you will too.

To help you get the most out of this school year, I thought I would share some super practical advice for success. Freshmen, especially, listen up!

  1. Learn to go to bed early & wake up early.
  2. Don’t go home every weekend or for all the breaks.
  3. Develop study habits that work for you.
  4. Join a church, don’t just attend or church hop.
  5. Save, spend, and share what little money you have.
  6. Read: the syllabus, the books, and the footnotes.
  7. Consider board games over video games.
  8. Eat a vegetable from time-to-time and exercise.
  9. Give your humanities classes your undivided attention. Please!!
  10. Pull your weight in a group project.
  11. Pay attention to the news and vote.
  12. Control your phone, don’t let it control you.
  13. Don’t skip (my!) class.
  14. Ask a senior who the best professors are.
  15. Pray
  16. Be the kind of roommate you would want to live with.
  17. Know your degree plan well; don’t just rely on advising.
  18. To get a friend, you need to be a friend.
  19. Try a new food or activity each month.
  20. Meet with your professors outside of class.
  21. Eat breakfast.
  22. Read a book that isn’t assigned. (I strongly recommend fiction.)
  23. Develop healthy relationships; ditch the unhealthy ones.
  24. Get outside.
  25. Remember: education is more than a means to a job.
  26. Even if its not required for your degree, pursue an internship.
  27. Don’t take dating too seriously on the front end.
  28. Talk to a librarian. They can help WAY more than you think.
  29. Find some older, wiser people at church and hang out with them.
  30. Call mom and dad. (Text too. But be sure to call.)
  31. Volunteer for a church ministry and serve consistently.
  32. Eat a meal with someone who is different.
  33. Friendship problems? Talk. Avoiding conflict weakens relationships.
  34. Use the free writing, tutoring, and advising centers.
  35. Ask lots of questions.
  36. Spend a few minutes alone in silence, contemplating each day.
  37. If you can, get a part-time job.
  38. Don’t take on more debt than you need to.
  39. Read your Bible every day.

I could write much more but I’ll stop there. To all our college students (both old and new), we’re glad to have you at FBC. If we can serve you or help you in any way, let us know.

Join our College ministry Sunday School class. (Email for more info.) You’ll be glad you did.