What do you want for Christmas this year? It could be an opportunity to share the real meaning of Christmas with someone who has never heard the truth. In Thailand, Christmas exists primarily in the shopping malls. Only about 2% of the people know the real meaning, but the Christians celebrate Christmas at church with fellow believers. There is no public holiday.

This year, FBC has an opportunity to share the REAL MEANING of Christmas in public schools in Thailand. Working alongside “Light of Life Baptist Church,” we will be in schools to share what Christmas is and how one can have a real Christmas inside their heart. Ask your friends and family for an early Christmas present and go with us. Ned & Wanda Stewart who lived in Bangkok for 10 years will be leading the team. This could be a Christmas you’ll never forget.

Here are some details:
Dates – December 15 – 23
Cost – $2,900

What will we do? Teams of 2/3 will visit a classroom, have some games and other fun activity, then share about Christ’s birth and how He can live in their hearts forever. We will worship with a Thai church. A touring day is also planned.

Requirements: Be mobile, full of energy, eager to make new friends and willing to share your faith. It might help if you liked Thai food.

A simple must: attend training and preparation meetings as scheduled.

Extra bonus: We encourage parent/teen participation.

For more information or to sign up, contact Ned Stewart or Pastor Joe.