We are pleased to announce that our First Steps childcare will be reopening in October 2020! Childcare will be available during worship services for all children from birth through age 5 (not yet in kindergarten). Our children’s ministry has put together these guidelines that must be followed to ensure a safe environment for the children.



Do NOT come into the building if anyone in your family has…

     • Had a fever of 100F or higher within the last 48 hours.

     • Had any respiratory infections, cough, unexplained rash, repetitive sneezing, shortness of breath, vomiting or diarrhea within the last 48 hours.

     • Had any direct contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19; is under investigation for Covid-19 or is ill experiencing an unknown respiratory illness within the last 14 days.

     • Traveled to a COVID “hot spot”, on a cruise or internationally within the last 14 days.



Only the upstairs doors will be unlocked for entry.

All adults should wear a mask in the building.

Please take your child(ren) to the restroom, change diapers and wash hands before proceeding.

Please descend/ascend the stairs on the right. ONE parent/guardian should stand socially-distanced with only the child/children to be dropped off.

Everyone will have a temperature taken (touch-less thermometer) and will be screened about the four restrictions. If anyone has a temperature of 100° or higher, he/she will have to leave.

Please do not drop your child(ren) off with any bags/personal belongings. (Exceptions: Medical necessities. Pacifiers.) Food/water WILL NOT be served in any class.

Please pick up your child(ren) promptly.



***Social Distancing Concerns***

This is a difficult concept for small children to understand and for leaders to implement. Volunteers will be asked to help kids maintain social distancing by not allowing them to crawl all over one another during playtime or sit directly next to each other at the tables/carpet during activity/story times.

Children will be discouraged from sharing toys directly. Toys used by a child will be removed/set aside for sanitizing before another child uses it.

All surfaces will be continually wiped down.



Volunteers will continue to disinfect rooms between services including any/all toys, supplies, books, etc. that the children have touched.

All surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized between classes. The playground will not be utilized at this time.