Call it a “bucket list” if you will. But, like most people, I have always had a few goals that I want to achieve before I die. It’s nothing extravagant, but here it is.

Tyler’s Lifelong Goals

1. Get married. (“Check.”)
2. Have children. (“Check.”)
3. Pastor a church. (“Check.”)
4. Maintain my 145lb high school weight.
5. Travel to England for a Premiere League Soccer/Football game (maybe one day)
6. Be published.

Well, I’m “pickled tink” to share that…

…I have finally accomplished #6 as well. (“Check!”)

It’s not a full-fledged book just yet (hopefully, that’s down the road). It is, however, an article in a nationally distributed magazine.

Preaching Magazine has published my article “Ten Commandments for Preaching” in its March/April 2010 edition. (FYI – Since several people have asked, the magazine editors took the liberty to add “gender neutral” language throughout the article…that’s not my style, but I’m not overly offended by it.)

The article originally appeared right here on my blog as a random entry that I wrote a few years ago. Last November (or so), on the spur of the moment, I submitted it through the magazine’s website for consideration. Much to my surprise (and all by the grace of God) the editor like it (for some reason) and used it. I was, and am, thrilled!

While I originally wrote these commandments as a therapeutic reminder for my own preaching, I hope, now, that they can encourage other preachers to be intentional and careful every time they handle God’s Word.

Call it writer’s remorse but, if I can be honest, now that I read my article online, I hate it. (Ok, that’s a bit strong.) What I mean is, I can’t believe they actually published it. The article could have been written and developed so much better. Oh well, everyone has to start somewhere, right? All in all, though, I feel like the most blessed man alive. God is far too good to me. I deserve none of the things on my “bucket list”.

Speaking of starting somewhere, I may need to start going for a jog if I’m going to achieve #4. Let’s just remember, one thing at a time…