I know that some people think Twitter is a vast wasteland of useless information.  Honestly, most of it is.  Who cares that Ashton Kutcher is backstage at a Talyor Swift concert?  (Wait…apparently 7.6 million people do.)

Even still, amid all the nonesense and narcissism of the Twitterverse, there are some wonderful Christian Tweeters serving up digital nuggets of wisdom. These men and women are packing vast biblical truths and sanctifying gospel thoughts into only 140 characters.

Below is a list of some of the Christian Tweeters that I follow and would recommend to you.  I have included a small sampling of their best, most recent tweets. Even if you don’t currently have a Twitter account, I think that these contributors alone are worth the time and effort it takes to set one up.  If you have absolutely zero plans of opening one, at least enjoy these insightful words about the Word from some insightful wordsmiths.

(The names marked with an * are so good that I have them sent to my phone as a text message.  It’s like having several mini-devotions throughout the day.  If you have free texting, it is well worth it in my opinion!)


*Ray Ortlund (@rayortlund): Pastor, Author

From Aug 25, “Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised (Ps 48:1).  A wimpy god is wimpily to be praised.  No wimpy praises for a great God!”


From Aug 5, “We don’t master our sins by heroic strength.  We confess them to death.  Every confession deprives a sin of oxygen.”


From Aug 3, “Good preachers are bad preachers who kept trying, learning, and growing.”


*John Piper (@JohnPiper): Pastor, Author

From Aug 25, “Watch your four year old’s jaw drop when you tell him, God never, never, never sleeps.  Not even a nap.  And never gets tired.”


From Aug 25, “I love God’s symmetry of trouble and mercy. Troubles for every day (Matt 6:34). Mercies for every morning (Lam 3:23)”


From Aug 29, “God humbles Charismatics by making their children Calvinists; and Calvinists by making their children speak in tongues.” (I LOVE this one!)


From Aug 23, “You don’t honor a refreshing spring by lugging buckets from the valley to pour in. But by drinking and saying, ‘Ah!’ So with God.”

James McDonald (@jamesmacdonald): Pastor, Author

From Aug 25, “The test of coveteousness: do I spend more time thinking about people to impact or things to accumulate?”


From Aug 23, “Humanistic psychology says, ‘Find yourself; the answer is in you!’ Jesus says, ‘Lose yourself; the answer is in Me!” (Matt 16:25)


From Aug 17, “Jesus becomes Lord in your life as you choose His choices above your own.”

Tullian Tchividjian (@PastorTullian): Pastor, Author

From Aug 29, “Personal holiness never becomes a reality until we care more about Jesus than about personal holiness.”


From Aug 26, “Union with Christ doesn’t mean that we can now do everything Jesus did, but rather that we have now received everything Jesus earned.”


From Aug 17, “Desperate people love grace. Deceived people fear it.”

*Elyse Fitzpatrick (@ElyseFitz): Christian Counselor, Author

From Aug 24, “Did you ever wonder why you should fold your hands together when you pray? Could it be a sign that you’re not depending on your work?”


From Aug 22, “We are saved by works. Just not ours.”


From Aug 1, “What does the gospel say to those of us who love it but forget it? Your righteousness doesn’t depend on your memory or faithfulness.”


From Aug 23, “John 3:16 – God’s giving and loving precedes our believing.”