The other day, my brother Fred Smith passed along an article to me, entitled Worshiping with Helmets. (Take a minute to read the article before you continue.)

The author, Dr. Beth Newman, hits the nail on the head when she diagnoses the current trend of shallow, man-centered worship/singing in church. Her analysis that our modern worship language and vocabulary reflects our man-centeredness rather than our God-centeredness is perceptive and revealing.

So Fred and I…

…emailed a few reflections about the article back and forth. With Fred’s permission I want to share his insightful and beautiful picture of how we should approach God in worship. This is a great picture.

Fred wrote:

It occurred to me last night that one way we can see this is to think of the contrast between the way we approach a huge waterfall and the way we approach a pizza. We stand before the waterfall very quietly, overawed by the beauty, majesty, and power of it. We do not jump up and down and holler. When somebody comes in with a stack of pizzas, we don’t just stand there in silent awe. We say, “Oh boy! Yes! Pizza! Woo-hoo, let’s eat!”

Which of these is most like what happens in so many worship services in our land? Which of these is most like the way one should react in the presence of the living God himself?

Thanks Fred for sharing a great insight that is also challenging and personally convicting.

For those who don’t know him, Dr. Fred Smith is an Associate Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Liberty Theological Seminary – but more importantly he is a wonderful lover of Christ, an active supporter of missions, and (to me) a good friend.

Fred’s Blog can be read here: Faith and World

Fred’s Liberty profile can be found here.