Sing to the LORD a new song; Sing to the LORD, all the earth. Psalm 96:1

                On my computer, I keep a list of all the songs that I know that Forest Baptist Church knows how to sing. There are almost 200 songs on that list: hymns, choruses, and modern praise songs. And yet, I think that it is good for us to heed the exortation of the Psalmist, and continue to learn new songs. This is not about being trendy, or being “up-to-date” but rather finding songs that will help us express praise to God considering the scriptures we will be studying, and to give fresh expression to our praise, and as Psalm 96 reminds us, it is biblical to sing a new song.

In 2016, as a congregation, we learned ten new songs that fit with what we were studying. You can expect to continue to be singing those songs this year. As a reminder, they were:

Even So ComeSinless SaviorMy Redeemer’s LoveStricken Smitten and AfflictedNew Again, This is Our GodHallowed Be Your NameThis CupYour Great NameYou Have Shown Us, Joy Has Dawned.

In considering songs for 2017, I looked ahead to the preaching calendar that Tyler had planned for the year, and I studied the books we will be looking at together, which are Leviticus, Hebrews, and Amos. I then compiled a list of almost 20 songs that I thought would work. Finally, I sent those songs to members of our music team and asked for their feedback. Here are the songs we will be singing at Forest Baptist in 2017:

Rejoice – Dustin Kensrue

This is a great upbeat song that celebrates that we can come before the Father’s throne with confidence because of the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ.

Holy God – Micah Pick

This song considers how the call to be holy is not overridden being declared righteous in Christ, but compelled by it.

Spotless Lamb – Micah Pick

We will spend a lot of time this year considering the sacrificial system. This song praises Christ as priest and lamb.

You Are Greater – Micah Pick

Hebrews is such a dense book, but it follows a logical progression which argues that Christ is better than all that came before Him. This song outlines that message of Hebrews,

Jesus Only Jesus – Chris Tomlin, Christy and Nathan Nockels, Kristian Stanfill, Matt Redman, Tony Wood

It is good to sing of the supremecy of Christ, which this song so clearly declares.

Lamb of God – Andi Rozier, Jason Ingram, Meredith Andrews

            Another song celebrating Christ as the lamb of God.

Grace Alone – Dustin Kensrue

            I love this song for its clear declaration of the Gospel, as well as the way each verse shows the work of Father, Song, and Holy Spirit.

He Will Hold Me Fast – Ada Ruth Habershon, Matt Merker

This old hymn has been given some new life and a soaring declaration of the hope we have in Jesus.

Crowns – Benjamin Hastings, Michael Fatkin, Scott Groom

            We can never sing too many songs about the Cross, and this is a wonderful confession that the cross is worth so much more than any earthly wealth we could ever attain.

It is Finished – Dustin Kensrue

It will be wonderful to study the sacrificial system this year, but it is even better to declare that Christ finished the work of redemption once and for all.

I hope that you will take the time to look these songs up because the lyrics will compliment the themes of the sermons. Take time to listen to them throughout the year so that when we sing them as a congregation you will be able to lift a strong voice in praise to God.