The conservation crowd has a famous slogan about saving the planet: “Think Globally. Act Locally.”

As fitting as that saying is for tree-huggers, it’s an even more appropriate motto for gospel-huggers.

God has a global agenda and we all have a local part to play. While not everyone is called to go to another country, everyone is called to go to another person.
We have the command. We (for the most part) have the desire. Often what we lack is the direction. So, this post, I want to give you a few ways that you can both be a missionary (at home) and encourage a missionary (from home).

Here’s a few ways to “think globally but act locally” about the Great Commission.

Send an encouraging email to a missionary today.
It will take you just five minutes but it may mean the world to a missionary.

Buy and send an international prepaid calling card for a missionary.
Use a website like and email the gift to them.

Use a “Lost Coins for Lost Souls” jar.
My parents started this Scarlett family tradition that our boys really enjoy. Every time we find a lost coin on the sidewalk or parking lot we bring it home and put the “missions money” in a jar. As we put the money in the jar we retell the parable of Jesus from Luke 15:8-10 about the woman who found her lost coin. Jesus said that the lost coin is a reminder of a lost soul and every penny is added to our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering gift. It’s a practical, fiscal, and memorable way to keep missions in the forefront of your mind every single day.

Donate your frequent flier miles to a missionary.
You still haven’t taken that trip you’ve always planned? Why not donate your banked miles to a missionary overseas? It will help them visit family and friends without having to worry as much about the cost. It’s easy to do but a great way to bless those overseas.

Post up a map with missionary cards that pinpoint their location.
Get a map. Get the prayer cards. Get some string. Get ready to see where they serve around the globe and pray for them every day.

Give a free gift as a reminder of God’s free gift.
Next time you’re at the drive-thru at McDonalds or the dry cleaners, offer to give $5 to help pay for the order behind you. Leave a card for the drive-thru attendant to pass on to the person in the vehicle behind you. The card might read, “This small gift from me to you is a simple reminder of God’s big gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.” Include the Romans Road and church’s information as well.

Learn about and pray for unreached people groups.
Go online to the Joshua Project. The Joshua Project is a research initiative website that provides information about the globe’s unreached people groups. It brings definition to the Great Commission by helping you read about the 6,000 gospel-less groups in the world. You can find groups by country, print prayer cards, watch videos, and much more…all for FREE!

My thanks to Desiring God Ministries for some of these ideas.