A Prayer for the Women of FBC

by Jillian L. Ross

This coming Thursday is the National Day of Prayer. In light of that, we have dedicated this week’s “devotional” as a prayer for you, the women of Forest Baptist, in light of Eph 1:15-23.

Our Great God and Heavenly Father,

We rejoice in the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ that gives eternal life to all who believe in You, and as seal of Your promise. You have given the Holy Spirit so that we may walk in Your ways. In this we rejoice.

We give thanks to you for our sisters in Christ at church. We long to see them, but rejoice in your faith through trails. We make supplications for all our women.

For the sick, at risk, and shut-in, may God’s presence fill you, may you sense His unfailing and unending love, may He give you industry to keep your mind and body active. May God give you strength to ward off loneliness. May you grow in faith, and may He give you hope with loved ones looking in on you.


For the older women, may God grant you continued wisdom and a venue to share your wisdom. May God help you with technology during this time of distancing and tech-oriented “solutions” to the distancing.


For graduates of high school and college, may You, our Father, lead them in wise living and encourage their hearts as graduations plans have been canceled or postponed.


For students, that they would finish strong looking to honor You with their time, grant them contentment as learning environments now can be less than idea, and provide them understanding beyond their abilities that they may rejoice in their knowledge and glorify You as a testimony to Your work.


For young women looking for summer jobs, may You, O Lord, provide so that they can save for college and assist the family, that you would open doors of opportunity so that they can learn industry and not be idol.


For those having lost their job or looking for jobs, may God supply you and your family all that you need. May your dollar stretch. May God open doors of opportunity, give you peace. May God help you to take every thought captive and free you of anxiety. May our Father fill you with a sense of His love and fatherly care.


For those preparing for ministry or in ministry, may God teach you much through this time so that you can teach other also and bear others burdens. May you have creativity in your ministry and witness.


For women at work, we ask for safety and stamina for those who are essential workers in places where risk of contact is high, for those suddenly working from home, may You grant Your peace, the means to do their work at home, strong internet, self-discipline, and time to accomplish their work amidst distractions and new home responsibilities.

For those getting married, may the joys of the day not be silenced by social distancing, may You make the day special, may their homes be a reflection of Jesus Christ (the groom) and the Church (His bride).


For those having babies, may you fill these women with knowledge and wisdom. May You give great joy and bonding. May you give health to baby and mother, and if social distancing prohibits family support in the hospital may You sustain these women, their husbands, and their families that the bonds of love might be strengthened through absence, as a visual representation our walk with Christ.


For the mothers with children at home, we ask for patience, wisdom, Christlikeness and rest as they train their children. We ask for older women to help them, and in this time of social distancing to encourage and offer them wisdom through creative means.


For mothers schooling children, whether suddenly or through this year, we ask for understanding, good explanations, patience, structure, and grace.


For all of us, may the God of peace grant us peace and fill us with the knowledge of His Word that we might comprehend the height and breadth of His love. May we with this knowledge share it with our neighbors and unbelievers so that their faith and hope may also be in God and that they might inherit eternal life.

In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whom God raised from the dead and seated in the heavenly places, to Him be the glory, power, and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer prompts for the week of May 4-10, by Laverne Smith